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Ms. Young's Math Madness

Ms. Young's NTeq Lesson

An NTeq lesson is designed to integrate computer technology into the classroom.  Below is an NTeq lesson plan that I have developed.


NTeQ Lesson Plan

Integrating Technology into the Classroom


Lesson Title:  MATH JEOPARDY

Subject Areas:  Mathematics

Grade Level:  8


Lesson Summary

The students will be introduced to adding integers by using the concept of “zero pairs”.  They will use the designated website to further their understanding of integers and the addition of integers.  The students will work in pairs on the tutorial in the “Learning” section of the site and move on to apply and practice the newly learned material.


  • paper
  • Power point with projector
  • pencil
  • Computer-Word Processing resources
  • calculator

         Internet Resources

  • computer



Specify Objectives

  • Students will be able to use the computer as a tool.
  • Students will be able to navigate through the website in pairs to review addition of integers.
  • Students will be able to use their creativity by creating Jeopardy questions in pairs to be used in a whole class test review.
  • Students will be able to calculate the addition of integers.


Identify Computer Functions

Learning Task

Computer Function

                        Create Jeopardy Board

                      Word Processing Database

                           Researching skills





Problem Statement

"What are some of the interesting questions that your group created concerning the upcoming Jeopardy review game?”



Data Manipulation

Now you determine specifically how students will use the identified computer functions to help solve the problem. Think carefully about the problem to be solved and how the data need to be manipulated to find a solution. Briefly describe each manipulation activity.


Computer Function

Computer Application

Data Manipulation

Internet Use

Website Navigation

Navigating the assigned website.

Word Processing

Creating a Chart

Spell Check, Tabs, Punctuation, Format, etc.



Results Presentation

After each group has completed their Jeopardy chart, they will present their group Jeopardy questions to the class. Each group should have an original question for each of the five assigned categories. If time is short, the Jeopardy questions can be used at the beginning of the next class session as a form of a test review.


Multidimensional Activities

Activities Prior to computer

  • Lesson on the introduction of integers.
  • Students will define a list of key terms for the chapter on integers.
  • Lesson on the addition and subtraction of integers.
  • Students will complete a handout on addition and subtraction of integers.

Activities while at computer

  • Each group will navigate their way through the assigned website on addition of integers (  Students will work in pairs and begin with the “Learning” section of the site and take notes on what they think is valuable information.  Next they will move on to the “Apply and Practice” section of the site where they will use the notes they took to help them play Jeopardy.  Finally, each group will complete the practice self test in the “Assessment” section of the site.
  • Each group will create a chart by using a Word Processing tool on the computer. They will create five questions from the information they have learned in the lesson on addition and subtraction of integers, and from the website tutorial.  Questions should resemble that of the Jeopardy game played online, but each group’s questions should be original and not copied!  The five categories of the game are: Definitions, Money, Equations, Games, and Pot Luck (Miscellaneous).
  • Evaluation of these tasks will take place when the group notes and Jeopardy questions are handed in. Some things that will be looked at are: originality, content and creativity.

Activities after using computer

After the groups are finished at the computer, the teacher will compile all of the information that they have created to make a class Jeopardy review game. This game will represent the questions that the students have created. The game will be played during class as a test review.



  • The self test from the internet site will be evaluated.  The teacher will record each groups final score from the test.
  • Evaluation of the internet notes and the Jeopardy questions will take place when they are handed in. Some things that will be looked at are: originality, content and creativity.
  • Class participation during the game and group work will also be taken into consideration during evaluation.

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